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My Mission Statement:         The mission of my life is to use my natural open and loving nature to enjoy even more motivational and inspiring connections between my soul and that of others.

Jason Diebold

Team #3 - Plats

Towards Values & Rules

I move towards ..... - Anytime I .....

  1. Compassion & Love - Feel warm emotions or Give emotions or Share warm feelings or Notice the exchange of emotions in others.

  2. Grateful & Appreciative - Give Thanks or Show encouragement or Faith or See Thanks in others or Give credit.

  3. Sympathetic, Humble & Self-Sacrificing - Experience another's point of view or Down play my own significance or Give of my own resources for anther's good.

  4. Friendly & Inclusive - I am cordial to another or I invite another to an activity.

  5. Open, Playful & Expressive - I let down my guard or Initiate contact or act in a child like way or let my heart play in a fun present way or I demonstrate my feelings.

  6. Dedicated & Loyal  - Resist temptation or I am true to a partner or I commit my energy to any person or thing.

  7. Integrity & Honest - Act in alignment with my goals or mission or I keep my word.

  8. GraceFilled, Devine, Luck (God) - I believe in or witness an act of a high power that I can not logically explain or i simply true that good will be done.

  9. Fit & Healthy - Drink H2O or I eat clean or I workout or I run or I purchase fitness good and supplies or I teach, share or witness physical care in others.

  10. Content, Happy, & FunFilled - Feel satisfied or I react positively or I am joyous or I act in a glad manner.

  11. Organized - Consolidate or Reduce my possessions or I arrange my items in a easy to use and find fashion.

  12. Contributing & Investing - Give of my resources or I reserve my resources for future use.

  13. Intelligent, Smart & Wise - Use logic or Witness the distribution of intellect or See organized thought in others.

  14. Bold, Courageous & Adventurous Leader - Act beyond the limitations of my own sense of fear or when I take risks or Even witness this sort of behavior in others..

  15. Sophisticated & Groomed - Appear clean and neat or well put together or Show a professional dress and manner.

Away Values & Rules

I experience ..... - Only if I were to Consistently an Deliberately ..... / Instead of .....

  1. Reactive, Rude Behavior - Let my emotions control my quick uncontrolled reactions / pausing for a second to reflect on the most appropriate response for the outcome that i desire.

  2. Anger - Remain in a state of uncontrolled rage / realizing that we all feel frustrations a way to measure the intensity of the calmness that we can feel.

  3. Fat & Lazy - Avoid work and action towards the completion of my goals / Taking the smallest action toward the life of my dreams.

  4. Isolated & Lonely - Bask in the feelings of aloneness / realizing that we can never be alone and our next encounter is as close as the blink of an eye.

  5. Dependent & Controlled - Rely on substances to control my state or mood / being aware that I can control my feelings by my own simple thoughts.

  6. Helplessness & Victim - Lament in the feelings of being out of control or taken advantage of / becoming aware that life is happening for my growth and not to my despair.

  7. Weak & Cowardly - Feel afraid and powerless / Change my thoughts or state

  8. Depressionm - Focus on sad thoughts / Seeing the gift and light in all possibilities and situations

  9. Frustration - Act in a crazed way due to my own interpretation of annoyance / being patient to see the real longterm outcome of any act.

  10. Stress - Feel an emotional pressure / realizing that I create my own schedules and deadlines are just guidelines to measure progress that has already been accomplished.

  11. Stupid & Dumb - Belittle my own in logic / actions are just small mistakes that we all make instead of.

  12. Scarcity - Act as if there are not enough resources to go around / the obvious that the earth has all of the resources that we will ever need if we just use them wisely.

  13. Humulated - Let someone else emberace me / realizing that I alone decide how to feel and no one else can make me feel any one emotion over another.

  14. Failure - Quit on a task / realizing the only way to not succeed is to quit. Each incorrect attempt is just another opportunity to observe more knowledge.

  15. Rejected - Feel as if I have no one that cares about me / coming to grips with the fact that love is everywhere and easy to receive when we distribute it too.

Primary Question:          How can I be even more grateful in a humble, playful & open way?

My Power Virtues:

  1. Grateful - Grace
  2. Integrity
  3. Playful - Open
  4. Confident - Proud

My Top 4 One Year Goals:

  1. Make Fully Functional support, Stoe, Nutrition, Blood Testing, Groups, Etc. So that producing 50+ SC Points per month that I can distribute.
  2. Less than 10% Bodt fat Percentage and Greater that 200 lbs. Win the Body Beast Challenge, Speak at Summit.
  3. Create a Dani Johnson plan & refine it till it achieves a 75%+ success rate through highly qualified leads on first call back.
  4. Create and nonprofit philanthropic organization aimed towards the beautifully aged called Get Moving and Teach 6 War on Debt Classes.

My Relationship Vision:

I have a Position #1 Relationship with Love and Passion. Were we both living a 3rd Dimensional style of Relationship were each others needs are are own needs.

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